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Harika Travel & EV


Turkish company Harika Ev Emlak Ltd. provides its members with everything that they can start to improve and maximize the quality of life for themselves and their loved ones!


More than 10,000 people from 40 countries became partners Harika Harika Travel & Ev!


Every day, every hour is added to the project dozens of people from all over the world!


With the development of Harika Ev opened a new direction - Traveling with Harika Travel ensures that each of the partners, in addition to the acquisition of property, also had a great opportunity to travel around the world!

Here are some benefits for those who will work with Harika: 

You have a unique opportunity to visit the most interesting corners of our planet, while earning money, then go into a project that will allow you to own real estate on the Mediterranean coast! Projects under the brand Harika Harika Travel & Ev are not only a great tool for profit, it is a new way of life. Such a life of each of us dream! So start living and be financially independent!

Marketing plan
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